Alessandro Cheli


Research and Development Scientist, building the core of PlantingSpace

I focus on applied category theory, functional programming, symbolics, and the theory and design of programming languages.

I manage two record labels through which I release my music: Music is Logic is Geometry and Linea Records

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R&D Scientist

· Remote


Research and development in symbolic AI, applied category theory, compilers and programming languages. Building the core infrastracture, working on interdisciplinary problems since the early stages of the company. Contributing to UI and infrastructure. We’re building an AI system which accurately represents knowledge and uncertainty, to enable the discovery of insights and transparent problem solving.

Oct 2021
Sep 2021

Google Summer of Code Intern

· Remote

Julia Symbolics

During GSoC 2021, I was awarded a stipend from Google for an experiment involving the integration of Metatheory.jl , my thesis project, with the high performance Computer Algebra System (CAS) Symbolics.jl developed at MIT. The project focused on automatically applying user-defined high-level compiler optimizations , defined via equational rewrite rules, to preemptively choose the symbolic representation of a system of differential equations that performs best when compiled and solved numerically. The projects are still being maintained and there is still room for exploring and researching the topic.

Jun 2021
Dec 2021

Computer Science Student

· Pisa, Italy

University of Pisa

I completed my undergraduate studies in Computer Science at the University of Pisa. My thesis proposes an advanced, generic and high-level code rewriting and analysis system for the Julia programming language , and was supervised by Professors Gian-Luigi Ferrari , Andrea Corradini and Dr. Christopher Rackauckas

Sep 2018
Feb 2019

Full Stack Development Intern

· Pisa, Italy


High school sponsored internship, focused on the development of full stack backoffice applications in Node.js and React.

Sep 2018
Aug 2017

Computer Vision Intern

· Belfast, UK

Knight Systems

Short intership, sponsored by the Erasmus program for high school students. I focused on development of various visual detection systems for embedded computers with OpenCV, and a mobile application in React Native

Jun 2017


I release music under “Contraddizione” . I collaborate with my friend Michele Mucci , professional mastering and sound engineer. You can listen to our music projects on Linea Records and Music is Logic is Geometry .

Published Albums

Contraddizione - Punto

Published in February 2023


Slow, ethereal soundscapes, hyperactive and deconstructed IDM compositions.

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You can send me an email at the following address

alessandro -at-

or you can find me on Github @0x0f0f0f .